Big sigh…. ! Technology is not my friend right now. I’ve got the pictures intended  for this blog on the cell phone and iPad. That transfer is simple with the help of bluetooth, but our laptop seems to have become a dinosaur. It is not sufficiently upgradable  to use the app that I need in order to use the same transfer path here. I’ve had to resort to emailing them to myself, but the email had been spotty at our wifi-enabled motels. Tonight, I managed to correct part of that problem by rebooting said laptop, but the expected emails haven’t arrived yet. Bother!

So, the blog posts get illustrated after the fact.

The first entries are late anyway because of that spotty connection problem I mentioned above. We’ve never had this much trouble before so I don’t know what to think.

Anyway, let the fun begin –

Margaret inspecting the load.

All in. Time to go.

Sunday, September 15    And… we’re off! – at last. We aimed for between noon and one and pulled out of our driveway at 12:59. We had to go north to pick up audio equipment from Deirdre in south Seattle before we could start southeast. So… Since the route took us past Issaquah, and we hadn’t eaten lunch, we hooked up with Jolly Sue and Casey and had sandwiches and the largest root beer float I have ever seen at the XXX Root Beer stand – it had to have measured a quart or more! Not a wise move before setting out to drive a great distance. Come for a visit and we’ll take you all the way to Issaquah to have one. The decor alone would be worth the trip.

my giant root beer float

I dared drink this just before embarking on a six hour drive!

Our destination for the first leg of the journey was going to be Ontario, OR, the last stop before entering Idaho, but we were thwarted by heavy thunderstorms along the last third of I-82 in Washington that slowed us down, and a spectacular accident on the Columbia River bridge we had to cross. A very large box truck had somehow gotten lodged on top of the railing wall on the left side of the fast lane, requiring all traffic to squeeze by in the fraction of the slow lane the police could keep open while recovery efforts were going on.

stuck truck and police car at the bridge

the shot captured just one of the bubblegum lights on the police car

Long story somewhat shortened – we had to get a bed in Baker City, OR in order to get in one before midnight. However, the Best Western there is five buildings laid out in a pattern very hard to understand in the dark. It became a serious search that had me hopping in and out of the car at each one trying to find our room. When we were finally settled, it was, at least, a good bed – a good end to the day. We have a photo of the rainbow that blessed us as we were leaving Washington, between thunderstorms. I’ll put it here when I can.

rainbow over highway in Washington

It felt like a blessing coming between two terrific rainstorms as it did.



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