It’s Friday by the calendar and Central Daylight Time by my watch, and the tale of the trip now has to be written as history since we have arrived in Houston.

But I promised a travel blog, so here’s how the trip went along.

Day three

We left Orem about mid-morning and left the interstate for a shortcut to Albuquerque that looked like it might be more interesting. I’ll say! I’d recommend that route to anyone.

Very soon we stopped to marvel at the panorama of distance and scale where the railroad came through the nearest mountain by way of a pair of tunnels (I guess there are two so trains can go both ways at once, maybe) and curved off around the next mountain and out of sight. The scene was so monumental that I could only capture a part of it which turns out to not have any of the train OR its tracks in evidence. I’m constantly amazed at how much more the eye can comprehend than a camera can capture without specialized equipment. Anyway, there were very impressive distances involved.

Utah vista

Utah vista

As we drove on toward Price, Utah, we saw geological marvels at nearly every milepost. These pictures are of only a few.

big boulders

boulders as big as houses

sedimentary stripes

sedimentary stripes, so bright they look like they were painted on.

very steep slope with trees

A rocky slope so steep you could not walk out to one of those trees unless you had pitons on your shoes.

car pass

Imagine how much rock they had to remove to make this road cut!

I have a closeup shot of the bluff on the left side of this pass that shows a flag planted at the top, but I took it out to save room for other pictures like the three it takes to tell you about the cliff with the interesting “pulpit” at its near end.

north side of cliff

approaching pulpit-shaped cliff

As we passed, it turned out to not be what we expected. Look for yourself:

narrow rock spire

from here it appears to be a needle-like spire

And, finally, it shows it is a wall-like formation instead of a cliff.

rock wall not cliff

A lesson that things are not always as you think they are when you can see only one side

All of this and we were not yet to Price. In fact, it was still only a little after 11 a.m. MDT.

However, it is now 10:30 p.m. CDT and I am going to bed to write more tomorrow.





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