This morning (Monday), day two of our trip, we opted to skip the $2.00 off coupons for breakfast in the motel restaurant and get on the road. We had decided to try and cross Idaho without spending money, if possible (a personal choice), so we stopped for breakfast at a truck stop near the border, bought $10 worth of gas (which didn’t quite replace what we had used the day before), but the gauge looked good, so we set out. We made potty stops as needed and enjoyed the scenery and sunny weather (I find that I did not take any pictures this day) until we realized that the fuel might NOT make it all the way to Utah. The dash display in the car (our new Prius V, bought just a few weeks before the start of this excursion) shows the miles remaining on the current fuel supply. It also shows lots of information on how efficiently it is being driven, so Margaret, using that information,  turned off the cruise control and fell in behind big trucks to get a lift from their wake, and and we made it! We only bought a cup of coffee and a some candy in Idaho.

We made our dinner stop at a Golden Corral in Orem, Utah tonight – a particular favorite of ours. The yeast rolls were our dessert!

Now we are tucking in at the local La Quinta Inn. I was pleased to see that OLOC had, indeed organized some change in this motel chain. When we contracted to have our regional gathering in their Tacoma inn in 2011, we had convinced them to make note of disabled guests who would need assistance in case of an emergency, especially if their room was not on the ground floor and, tonight, I was asked, at sign in, if we needed to be on the list for assistance in case of emergency.

That’s all for Monday, and though I’ll still be behind by the time I tell you about Tuesday, I’ll get caught up eventually and there WILL be pictures.


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