Welcome to the Internet home of Puget Sound OLOC


We are working to connect old lesbians in the Puget Sound area to form community, and to encourage participation in activities and causes that improve our lives and increase our visibility.

Though Puget Sound OLOC is a chapter of National OLOC, all local events, efforts, and activities are planned and executed by and for local women.

eventcollageIf you are an old lesbian, we encourage you to join us.

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  2 Responses to “Welcome to the Internet home of Puget Sound OLOC”

  1. HI, Mary….Glad to see this much up now. Welcome back!

    Re the title: I’m not comfortable with dropping ‘CHANGE’ from our title. I have been identifying us at PS OLOC, Old Lesbians Organizing for Change/Community in a variety of communications with other groups and potential members of our group.. I believe we need to view ourselves as agents for change as well as providing opportunities for community gatherings. I hope we will continue to represent old lesbians in efforts to support the maintenance of Medicare & Social Security; to change the health care system, immigration laws, caregiver wages, and the way old lesbians are treated in nursing, rehaps and retirement facilities. Welcoming transgendered women to our events is an action. I’ll be interested to hear other ideas about this.

  2. I have seen this much of the site, but not the other comments. I am working (slowly) on a Facebook page for us as well. If others have experience with this, let me know.